Drone Pro Media helps Businesses get hiring a Drone Operator right

From the outside, being a drone operator and running a drone business looks like a lucrative, cutting-edge business venture. It attracts anyone who considers themselves to be entrepreneurial, tech savvy, or a self-starter business man or woman. Sure, owning and operating a drone business had a lot of appeal in the first few years of formation, back when the competition was small and the opportunities for growth seemed unlimited.

Drone Pro Media has evolved over the years, but our number one driver for this evolution is and has always been our customer, NOT our competition. This has allowed us to maintain lasting relationships rather than be replaced by new, cheaper, and promising to deliver more competition.

We’ve worked with many clients in Denver and beyond that have told us over and over again about the

pitch meetings they have hosted for new drone companies. What we’ve found is that our client’s are not

interested in these pitch meetings. They are interested in seeing an amazing product, and that’s something we will deliver on every single time. Companies go through drone operators trying to find the

right one to work with because, frankly, there are many out there interested in the technology or the business, but not possessing the necessary qualifications to deliverquality every single time. Drone Pro Media will make the difference clear.

Here are our core tenets for working with a client.

  1. Personal relationship: We want any client to feel open to calling us or having us come into the office to discuss, analyze (hell even rip apart!), and comment on our work. We also want to be in the room for the scope of work meeting. All of our personal interactions speed up your workflow so that you are doing less work checking in and editing our draft videos. That’s supposed to be our job, not yours!
  2. Pre-production: We take pride in not just being the best drone pilots, but also in being the best graphic designers, motion graphic artists, animators, and even musicians. When you work with us, you will begin getting a clear idea that we understand your needs as soon as our kick-off meeting is over. We want nothing lost in translation, which means we want you to have a statement of work, production book, script, and style guide for how your video will work.
  3. Edit until done: We don’t put any upcharge on the amount of edits it takes to get a project done. Our guarantee is simple – we are done when you are happy. That means re-shoots, re-edits, all of that is a cost that we incur to ensure you as our client will remain our client.

Don’t just ask for the best drone media you can get – expect the best from Drone Pro Media.

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