We are Colorado’s premier drone agency. What began as a dedicated TV, Film, and production drone crew, has blossomed into one of the most well known drone light show companies in the United States and beyond. Our perfect FAA track record, along with a team of drone experts, makes us now the most trusted drone light show company in Colorado and beyond.

Drone light shows are complex and require years of experience before safely deploying them into events that are crowded with people. You need to trust a drone light show crew with decades of experience. Whether looking to do a show in rural Colorado, or the urban areas of Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins, we are your friend in deploying safe, reliable, and awe-inspiring drone light shows.

A large drone light show in Colorado for a music festival
A large drone light show near Fort Collins, Colorado


  • It all starts with the site assessment. We review the show location to ensure all safety and FAA requirements will be satisfied.
  • Each individual drone’s flight path is thoughtfully planned out to ensure safety.
  • Every show is flown multiple times at our test site. Every show will come with a preview file with music.
  • We arrive to the show site prior to the event to review plans for securing the safety perimeter and coordinating with event directors.
  • Our team will begin staging the drones and performing pre-flight safety procedures and tests.
  • Once all safety parameters are met, our FAA licensed pilots will begin the show and launch the drones.


  • We no longer need to rely on the release of harmful byproducts to light up the sky!
  • No mess left behind. Drones simply fly their designed flight path and return to home at the conclusion of the show. 
  • Drones can be used over and over again. They just need to simply recharge and reprogram before the next show.
  • Renewable energy such as solar can be used to power shows and recharge our drones. 
  • Drone noise is quiet, and is a great alternative to fireworks that can cause PTSD, upset dogs and kids!
  • Produce no air pollutants.
  • Eliminates wildfire risk!



Come follow our journey as we take to the skies for new clients almost every day. Our coverage area starts in Denver, including Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and all of the mountain regions in Vail, Summit County, Aspen, and beyond. We may even be over in Europe, so tune in to find out what we’re up to and learn about how we produce our projects.


Drone Pro Media is a trusted brand with nearly a decade of experience in everthing drone. We are based in Denver, Colorado, but our reach is truly global. Tested and perfected in the last 3 years, we are now one of the top drone light show producers in the United States, based right here in Colorado.

Our work has also taken us into producing so much more:

Drone Light Shows

Drone Video

Drone Photography

Architectural animations

Architectural renderings

360 degree photo and video tours

Our passion for our work has created a team that is driven to stay at the cutting edge of all forms of media. We are a diverse team of producers, creators, animators, drone operators, and technicians.

We continue to strike new relationships based on our work, and maintain client relationships based on our friendly but passionate team. We look forward to a client relationship with you very soon.