We approach every drone show project, every client, and every production as an opportunity to create a partnership. We know the value in finding a reputable drone light show company to handle your needs. We know that we will be that business for you.

We are experts in all of the necessary regulations required by the FAA for commercial drone light shows, being both licensed and insured to operate drones. We are located right in the heart of Denver, and extend our reach to Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and beyond.


Founded in 2014, Drone Pro Media is the culmination of different backgrounds meeting for one common goal. A decade later and 1,000s of hours dedicated to all things drone, and Drone Pro media now stand as Colorado’s leader in drone light show entertainment. With hundreds of happy clients, a reach from rural Colorado to the cities of Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins, and an impeccable FAA safety record dating back a decade, Drone Pro Media are the premier drone light show company in Colorado.

The difference is in our approach. Unlike other drone light show companies that outsource show design, crew labor, or are even a subsidiary of another drone light show company, Drone Pro Media have developed an in-house team of designers, pilots, maintenance workers, and crew. This means that every drone light show you receive, you’ll also receive our A-list. No backup crew that cause show delays and cancellations.

While we are confident the choice is easy, we’ll take it one step further. Simply bring us another drone light show proposal and we’ll match the price and offer a discount to you. The reason is we want everyone to have access to our drone light shows, and we would hate to see a drone show not go well for a customer. We believe we will be at the forefront of the drone light show industry for a long time and hope to have a growing list of happy customers and inspired audiences.



Our team is made up of talented designers, engineers, pilots, and crew. You always get the A-list team from us.


We possess the newest fleet of drone light shows, with advanced capabilities in speed, color design, and GPS positioning.


We bring decades of experience to every drone light show, and know Colorado like the back of our hand. 


Graham Hill, Founder

Graham took his passion and turned it into a career in 2014 after leaving the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. 10 years later, and 1,000’s of hours working with drones, and Graham and his team are now leading one of the largest drone light show companies in the United States. With a large fleet of drones and passionate team behind him of designers, pilots, and crew, Drone Pro Media are destined to be a mainstay in the drone light show industry.


We are always on the cutting edge of drone technology. Our fleet of drones is constantly updated to the highest demands of the industry, and our drone light show fleet is constantly tested, modified, and updated to ensure that we are always the leading drone light show provider in Colorado.