We approach every project, every client, and every production as an opportunity to create a partnership. We know the value in finding a reputable business to handle your needs, whether that be with media, event production, or a large drone light show. We know that we will be that business for you.

We are experts in all of the necessary regulations required by the FAA for commercial drone piloting including drone light show production, being both licensed and insured to operate drones. We are located right in the heart of Denver, and extend our reach to Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and beyond.


Founded in 2014, Drone Pro Media is the culmination of different backgrounds meeting for one common goal. Graham Hill began his career in GIS and motion graphics, seeing the drone as a new way to capture data. Originally a member of Cloudbase Aerial Media, Graham branched off to start his business in order to offer more services to clients. With a background Master’s in GIS, and having worked at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Graham possesses the most critical skill in order to be a good drone company owner – being a problem solver.

Drone Pro Media’s goal is to make sure every client is impressed with our work, and that we are seen as so much more than just aerial photography and video. If a business in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, or anywhere in the high country in Colorado is looking to work with the best professional crew, our aim is to be that crew. Our list of clients speaks volumes about our capabilities, having worked on both TV and commercial sets and environments with Ford, Jeep, Coors, and Discovery Channel, to name just a few.

Our knowledge continues to grow along with our skillset. We are already utilizing virtual and augmented reality in our line of work and in planning and executing aerial photography and aerial video shoots. We will always strive to have the most up-to-date suite of services for our clients.



Our team of experts can handle any project, from simple aerial photography and aerial video, to a full production schedule and deliverable for TV and film projects. ┬áThat’s the difference when you work with Drone Pro Media.


We possess the best drone technology, and pair that with a full production studio for all post production needs including voiceover, motion graphics, 3D modeling, and more. We are truly drone and production technology experts.


We bring years of experience to every shoot. We possess advanced knowledge about the state of Colorado and front range, as well as about drone technology, drone laws and regulations, and overall camera and production knowledge.


Graham Hill, Founder

Graham took his passion and turned it into a career in 2014 after leaving the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Since then, he’s been continually adding to his skillset, and opening up his business to more advanced projects year over year, with motion graphics, augmented reality, virtual reality, and timelapse photography being just a couple new services that have been added to Drone Pro Media’s aerial video and photography. In 2021, Drone Pro Media will be back in full force providing drone light shows to Colorado and beyond – one of the only drone light show companies in the country.


We are always on the cutting edge of drone technology. Our fleet of drones is constantly updated to the highest demands of the industry, and our drone light show fleet is constantly tested, modified, and updated to ensure that we are always the leading drone light show provider in Colorado.