Drone Pro Media is experienced working with roofers, developers, insurance agents, and builders to aid in roof inspections. We can quickly and cost-effectively inspect a roof for damage, map a roof, and even model a replaced roof using our drone and software packages.

Drone Pro Media will get you the information you need to determine if roof repairs are needed. Compare our prices to a standard roof inspector and see the difference. 


Cracked caulk or rust spot

Shingle damage

Damaged Chimneys and Chimney caps

Moss and Lichen accumulations


The average roof inspection involves having the inspector come out and spend considerable time climbing up and down your roof. Drone Pro Media saves you this time which leads to cost savings. Drone Pro Media also takes away the liability that is presented every time someone has to climb atop a roof. There’s no chance of slipping and falling, or caving in your roof doing further damage. Our drones are insured and we have over 6 years of FAA licensing.






Our drone team will expertly plan your roof inspection mission to ensure the best data is captured, and all FAA rules and regulations are respected while operation the drone in a safe, professional manner.


We will capture the best aerial video, photography, and maps, or else we’ll go fly it again for free. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction or missions are re-flown.


We will deliver all data and documentation in a fast, convenient manner. Customers are also welcome to come into the studio to request customization of their data and reports.

Drone Pro Media has worked extensively in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and throughout the high country in Vail, Breckenridge, Frisco, and beyond. We are able to travel to any location to assist with roof inspections as they relate to insurance claims, development, construction, or any other need. Let Drone Pro Media know how we can help you with your roof inspection in Colorado.